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For over two decades Tim Kintz has been working in and on the car business. A former GM and NADA Academy Graduate, he has dedicated his life to studying the automotive industry, the buyers, the sellers, the leaders, and how to bring them together to move more metal. For Sales Managers, GSM’s, GM’s and Dealers looking for a competitive advantage to stay ahead of the market

— Look no further than Tim Kintz.

Tim Is Simply The Best Trainer
“I have been through numerous training and motivational classes in my career and Tim is simply the best trainer in the automotive business! Regardless of skill level, anyone who comes in contact with Tim will leave with renewed confidence and the skills for success!”
Roger Allen -
Ike Honda
Awesome Asset To Any Sales Team
“Tim Kintz is one of the best sales trainers I have ever met. His training has a great mix of casting big vision with practical steps that help you get there. He consistently displays genuine care and concern for my success in sales. He is an awesome asset to any sales team and brings earned experience and passionate encouragement to help your team get to the next level. He is a great friend and mentor.”
Brandon Utley - Sales Professional
Sewell Ford
One of the Best Trainers in the Country
I highly recommend The Kintz Group for any sales pro looking to step up their game. Tim Kintz and his group are the best. With his knowledge of the business, you cannot ask for a better organization to train your staff. Tim does it with his heart and really believes in what he preaches. I have been trained more than once by Tim and I always come away with new fresh ideas how to become a better sales pro. I consider Tim a very good friend and one of the best trainers in the country!
Cory Rutherford - Sales Professional
Covert Cadillac
Tim Is A Dynamic Trainer
“I have known Tim for 15 years and can honestly say he is one of the most dynamic trainers I have had the pleasure of learning from in my 28 years in the business. If you want to learn about the business and grow to become the best you can; I highly recommend Tim! During my career I have seen many great trainers but would have to put Tim at the top of the list.”
Jesse "J" Perez -
Yemm Chevrolet
Tim Reaches People On A Deeper Level
“There are some people that can train people the fundamentals of any topic. Then there are the select few who can create a learning experience where the information is absorbed on a much deeper level, a level of immediate utilization. Tim is one of those select few. I have watched him train a room of 100+ people, and had every person feeling as if the class was solely for them. Tim reaches people on a deeper level than trainer/attendee, he reaches them on a level of trusted leader and confidant. Tim provides consistent and reliable results, time and time again. If immediate impact is what you are seeking for your team/dealership - then Tim is the person to put in front of them.”
Joe Ingram - VP of Sales and Marketing
Blueprint Inc.
Always Fun And Informative
“I have had the good fortune to be in several of Tim's classes for training. They are always fun and informative, but most of all, they work! Tim makes sure that you leave his class with tools and knowledge that you can put to use and get results from immediately. If you are in automotive sales then you will benefit from this trainer!”
Maryann Washington - BDC Manager
B.C. Canada
Motivates And Inspires Everyone
“Tim Kintz has been amazing for our Auto Group. He is extremely flexible with our ever changing and growing company. I have seen and experienced first hand how he is able to motivate and inspire everyone that attends his training. Tim conducts his training sessions so there is more interaction and role-playing between the team members instead of speaking at them. Excited to have him as our Corporate Trainer! ”
Esther Hamm - BDC Manager/PR Director